Lady Gaga busted her butt to attain the level of fame that she is currently enjoying, and she isn't going to let anyone else ride her coattails or coast to any sort of success on the back of her name.

The singer has filed a lawsuit against a Nevada-based company that applied for permission to use her trademark name in order to peddle cosmetics and jewelry. Gaga has issued a legal "Hell No!" in the form of her lawsuit.

Billboard reports (via The Associated Press) that Gaga is suing Excite Worldwide LLC for applying to trademark "Lady Gaga" and "Lady Gaga LG." The US Patent and Trademark Office has not yet approved the application. Gaga says that the company's actions are getting in the way of her own trademarking efforts. The company is essentially encroaching on Gaga's turf and her cultural name recognition.

Gaga is also concerned that the company could confuse customers into thinking that she endorses or is affiliated with their products. The company's usage of her name could also cause little monsters to purchase their wares and she doesn't want the company falsely preying on her fans by using her name.

Gaga is seeking unspecified damages in her suit, filed in New York.