An unintended Lady Gaga leak took place today but no one is complaining. Her plan to gift fans with a previously unheard song from 'Born This Way' on Christmas is still on track and that song has not yet leaked. However, a 2008 track from 'The Fame'-era, which she wrote for a World Cup artist, did. It's called 'Take You Out.' It's an upbeat, uptempo, super cute song that reminds us of '70s-era New York City pop rock, thanks to the sax. It’s light and airy.

Clocking in at under three minutes, it's a fun and fluffy little romp. That's not to suggest that there is no depth to 'Take You Out.' It's just less intense and lightens the mood, and that's why we're crushing on it, just like Gaga is crushing on the person she's singing about!

When Gaga sings, "I still believe it / And you know we won't be defeated / In my heart I believe it / Yeah, you and me are gonna win it, baby / I'm going take you out / Take you out / Take you out / We're going to show this town / What I know we're about," you can just imagine her strutting down a deserted street, with her hands on her hips, in the East Village with a crew of dancers behind her, grooving in sync with her.

There are further goofy lyrics –- what's "Shoot it / Run it / What's it called / Everybody loves it / Football" all about other than being a silly part that's a hoot to sing along to? Well, now that we know it was written for the soccer world, it makes sense. Along with the infectious backbeat, it's a positive little ode to love and the hope that a romance will "go the distance."

'Take You Out' is another gem from the Mother Monster that shows a '70s influences we've not yet heard from her. If they make a third 'Sex and the City' film, 'Take You Out' should be used in the opening montage if there's any justice in this world!

After 'Take You Out' leaked, Gaga tweeted to let fans know it's not her "present" to them. She wrote: "So funny "Take You Out" a song I wrote in 2008 leaked. I wrote it for an artist to sing as the World Cup song! Maybe they'll use it now! :)" She also tweeted that she will leak the 'Born This Way' song at midnight: "The track that leaked yesterday is NOT the Born This Way B-Side I will release at midnight tonight NY time. Merry X-Mas! I love you!"

Listen to Lady Gaga 'Take You Out'