With her mile-high stiletto heels and her penchant for wearing studded black leather and skin-hugging latex, one might describe Lady Gaga's unique style as "fetish-inspired." The Mother Monster certainly looks the part of the dominatrix, namely with her footwear and fabric choices. Word is she wants her new boyfriend (and 'You and I' co-star) Taylor Kinney to hit fetish parties with her!

The Sun reports that that Gaga has a history with kink and used to attend fetish clubs and parties with her ex, which could very well be Luc Carl, the "cool Nebraska guy" she references in 'You and I.' Gaga is so determined to get Kinney to check out the lifestyle and scene with her that she even supposedly supplied a list of prime places for him to choose from. That's dedication.

The tabloid reports that Gaga has a thing for being bitten in the bedroom, so the fact that Kinney portrays a vampire on TV in 'The Vampire Diaries' must set her heart aflutter. A source revealed that Gaga, who refers to herself as "The Kinky Queen," is "very turned on by vampires and loves being bitten by her partner. She likes to dress up and has a set of fangs which she'll often get out in the bedroom." We're not surprised that she would have fangs; we're surprised that she hasn't worn them on one of her many TV or red carpet appearances. Gaga also has her own bedroom wardrobe consisting of sexy clothes, too.

From Mother Monster to the Kinky Queen! Only in Gaga's world.