Lady Gaga is off the stage as she recovers from hip surgery but she remains in the news, the subject of a crazy rumor that she and boyfriend, 'Chicago Fire' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' star Taylor Kinney will marry this summer.

The source of the rumor is allegedly Gaga's good friend Lady Starlight, with whom she performed in seedy downtown NYC venues when no one knew who she was.

A few weeks ago, Starlight said that she believed Kinney was "the one" for her longtime friend, but now new quotes attributed to her have popped up, suggesting that a wedding date is imminent.

The Daily Star reports that Starlight said, "From all I’ve heard, I don't think I’m dropping a secret by saying they are ready to get hitched this year."

She went even further, pretty much pinpointing a a chunk of time on the calendar during which the swapping of vows could take place. "There’s a summer period when his shooting schedule will be clear and her concert and studio commitments will be minimal, so expect an announcement some time soon," Starlight supposedly said.

Wow. Just…wow. Does Haus of Gaga creative director Nicola Formichetti need to start thinking about wedding gowns? It has our wheels spinning, wondering who would be tasked with creating a Gaga wedding gown. Would it be Thierry Mugler? Donatella Versace? Or could Gaga go (GASP!) traditional and enlist the help of Vera Wang or even Marchesa, both known for their beautiful and princess-y bridals?

While it seems that a wedding would be premature at this point, it's fun to think about it. We are wondering if Starlight's words were taken out of context or if she has some 'splaining to do.

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