Lady Gaga's teacup is clearly someone's cup of tea. An autographed and lipstick-kissed cup -- that the singer sipped Diet Coke from a year ago while visiting Japan -- was auctioned off to the tune of $75,000.

The auction was part of a U.S. sponsored effort to help aid Japan, as the country is still recovering from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami which rocked the county to its core in March of 2011.

Bloomberg News reports that the blue, white and gold cup has not been washed since Gaga drank from it a press conference in Tokyo last June. We find it interesting that the Mother Monster drank soda from the cup, as opposed to actual tea. She is a renowned tea lover, too!

When the auction ended at midnight this weekend, one lucky little monster had pledged six million yen, which is $75,00 in U.S. dollars, for the item. It'll certainly make for an nice addition to one's Gaga collection.

The funds will support the Tomodachi Arts Fellowship Program, which helps young Japanese artists embark on a course of study in America. So the cup hit the block for a good cause. Gaga was an NYU student of the arts and now she is a patron of them, as well.