Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson have a thing, as subject and shooter. He had unprecedented access to her for to nab photos and candid shots of her for the 'Gaga X Terry Richardson' coffee table photo book. He shared some black-and-white shots of the Mother Monster in his studio which he posted today. She looks, as always, amazing.

In the shots, Gaga is wrapped in a black leather jacket and she once again steals Richardson's oversized, nerdy specs and wears them in a few photos, effectively pulling off that sexy, nerdy pop star thing. Gaga looks like a librarian version of Marilyn Monroe in the shots where she's exposing her cleavage with big wavy hair and those glasses. Va-va-va-voom.

Richardson gets in on the fun in two shots, where he and his muse look like Siamese twins attached at the head in one. Gaga also sort of recreates her 'Born This Way' cover shot on the motorcycle too.

The one where the football is strategically placed? Is that a reference to this weekend's Super Bowl halftime show performer who has taken to hurling barbs at her younger heir apparent at every turn?

In other news, Ggaa tweeted that she will reveal the stage set up to her upcoming tour on Tuesday. She posted: "Will tweet the new stage on tuesday," followed with another tweet, reading: "putting the setlist together! : )"

Big news is coming, little monsters. But for now, enjoy these shots of Gaga.