Lady Gaga got more than she bargained for this Thanksgiving. When the Mother Monster stumbled into her temporary kitchen when on tour in South America -- while naked, mind you -- to feast on some holiday leftovers, she noticed that 35 little monsters were camped out in her garage after stealing a look at the security camera. Wait, what?

Gaga tweeted her hapless Turkey Day story, posting:

thanksgiving story: woke up for leftovers in kitchen (naked)- stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu

While she would have been well within her rights to be completely terrified at this security breach, even if was her adoring fans doing the trespassing, Gaga didn't freak out or call the cops (we think!). Instead, she wished she could feed some of her leftover treats to the congregated (and law-breaking) fans, tweeting:

"i should be mad i guess except i tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but theres no cat-flap."

Gaga always puts the well-being of her monsters above all else.

Besides the "break in," she had a rather stellar Turkey Day. The Germanotta clan headed to Peru to share Thanksgiving with their famous relative, since she is currently six-inch platforms deep into the Born This Way Ball tour.

She tweeted: "i had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Peru this year. my family was able to come & was so special to share the holiday with new friends in Peru."

Since she couldn't be in the U.S. for Turkey Day, her family brought Turkey Day to her in South America. That's love.

Now, notice, PopCrushers, we didn't even touch that whole going down to the kitchen to nosh on leftovers while naked. We're not even going to question why Gaga was having a midnight snack sans clothes.

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