Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory' was one of the most audible songs of late spring and early summer, as she performed it on TV and it was dominant on radio. The song comes screaming back into public consciousness this holiday season, thanks to this Foster the People-designed remix, which appears on the 'Born This Way' remix volume due out Nov. 21.

The Foster the People version is more electro-happy and it's faster, as well as less piano-driven, than the grandfather-celebrating original. It's pumped up, like the kicks Foster the People sing on the hit that made them the "It" band in the alt rock world earlier this year.

Gaga's voice is higher and more feminized, and thanks to some strategically placed bass-thud and beats, a sentimental song has become a club banger that'll have you dancing in the flames Gaga sings about in the lyrics. The scratchy beats are the power source propelling the song, which has a euphoric, trance-y vibe. We always say that a well-written pop song is malleable, and Foster the People prove that point with the way they tug and stretch at the fabric of 'The Edge of Glory.'

There's lots of repeated, mechanized sounds and it's strong enough to transport you somewhere else and to alter your state of mind. If you crank it loud enough, you feel like you are trapped in a subwoofer.

Overall, Foster the People gave it some beats, pumped it up, sped it up, cranked it and now you've got a completely new but familiar song. Put your drink up and celebrate the one you love with this remix.

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'The Edge of Glory' (Foster the People Remix)