It's no secret that Lady Gaga is enamored by the royal family of England. She wrote 'Princess Die,' which likely won't make it on 'ARTPOP,' about the late, and much beloved "People's Princess," Princess Diana. Now, she wants to recruit the ever-popular Pippa Middleton, the bootylicious sister of Prince William's wife Kate Middleton, for tips on how to be royal.

Well, Pippa isn't exactly royal, but she does have a line in to the family, since she is related to royalty. But that doesn't mean she is royal herself. That is of small consequence to Gaga. Middleton released a book called 'Celebrate,' which Gaga was so eager to get her hands on that she had her team ship it to her via courier in Puerto Rico, according to the

An insider said that Gaga hopes to hook up with Pippa in real time, saying "She would love to get pally with Pippa." Pippa is an insider and she also has great fashion sense, so if Gaga is truly charmed by the royal family, this could be a divine friendship where the borrowing of clothes would be epic.

Gaga really seems to have quite a crush on the royal family, doesn’t she?

Maybe one day Bill and Kate will invite her to perform at Buckingham Palace, even though she's American!

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