Do you turn to counting sheep or NPR Podcasts to help you drift off into dreamland? Cool, Lady Gaga catches Zs by watching unhinged housewives kill their husbands after shopping for discount axes at Costco.

On last night's (October 6) Tonight Show episode, Gaga, the newest feature on American Horror Story: Hoteldescribed herself as a Hitchcock groupie born in the wrong era, and said tales of serial killers are a comfort when she's in need of some shut-eye.

"Dangerous things and horror relaxes me," she says in the clip above. "I watch a ton of Dateline and Snapped...these women believe so much in their need to kill to survive, that they make the most ridiculous mistakes. I find it kind of humorous."

And while the fixation on those shows and slasher flicks may seem a bit bleak, Gaga said it's helped her achieve breakthroughs with her character on AHS.

"Once you watch these horror films and you start to become acquainted with the ways that serial killers start to realize that there's such a conviction about them," she explains. "That's what I focused on with the character, so I'm so kind of immune to things being scary that it's easy to do the scenes every day."

Watch the full interview for more, including how being a bad actress helped shape Gaga's early pop career!

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