Footage of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett working on their rendition of 'The Lady Is a Tramp' has made landfall online and they are absolutely adorbs together as they record.

They are a true collision of generations, and the crooner brings out the best in Gaga. He really helps her to show off her jazzy side and offers an inkling of what creative road Mama Monster could go down 20 years from now.

In one of the clips, Gaga gamely asks Bennett, who sketched her in the nude, if all the girls sweat and blush around him. He has that affect on the ladies. It's that honeyed voice of his. In other footage, the two, who are clearly fond of each other, are seen changing hugs.

She watches him sing, and in charming fashion, says he looks handsome. He showers her with compliments as well, telling her that her blue hair is "fabulous." Gaga one ups Bennett, when she says her head-to-toe look was put together to impress him. Aw!

Gaga continues to flirt with Bennett, asking the singer if his wife is there. Mrs. B is indeed onsite, and we hear her off camera. Gaga then tells TB's wifey that she is lucky to have him. What a love fest!

Gaga and Bennett are reportedly keeping their coo collabo going with a full jazz album. Maybe they can work on it while she is recovering from hip surgery.

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