The Lady (Gaga) is a tramp!

Lady Gaga showed off her musical theater side when she jazzed up 'You & I' in the VMAs promos she recorded before the big show.  We've seen her jazzy side and now we get a taste of the Mother Monster's "trampy" side thanks to this all-too-brief, 30-second snippet of her rendition of 'The Lady Is a Tramp.' The song is Gaga's duet with crooner Tony Bennett for his 'Duets II' album, due out Sept. 20.

Gaga has an extensive musical theater background and she shows it off again. She is certainly a match for a legend like Bennett and on a standard such as this. The generation gap narrows a little, as Gaga holds her own.

From what we can tell from this teaser portion of the song, since it's merely 30 seconds and we can only be so critical of a half-a-minute, Gaga turns in a bold, dreamy vocal performance, but it does not sound like she is attempting to Gaga'ize the song. In essence, she doesn't try and turn it into an epic dance number. Rather, she adds her vocal flair without commandeering or changing the original structure.

Besides, she and Bennett make the cutest on record couple, don't they!

Listen to Snippet of Lady Gaga + Tony Bennett 'The Lady Is a Tramp'