Lady Gaga doubled as surrealist painter Salvador Dali in a new photo she posted on Instagram. She was topless, wearing some sort of monocle-like goggles and sporting a mustache, perched next to a clock.

The mustachioed look and the clock screamed "DALI," since he was famous for his thin, twirly 'stache and his melting clock artwork.

The monocle added a whole other level of Gaga chic and Gaga cool. The singer is over in Europe right now, and she is pushing envelopes with her style. As always, we cannot and will not look away from whatever presentation she puts forth.

Mommy Monster is totally getting us ready for the Nov. 11 release of 'ARTPOP' with lots of images, like this cray cray pic of her covering her "clam" -- her word, not ours -- with a bouquet of flowers. The white, upper lid eyeliner makes her look alien-like.

We like when she gets androgynous and nods to other artists in other disciplines, like Dali. She has also been shining a spotlight on modern artists, like balloon art-style specialist Jeff Koons and performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Gaga also shared multiple covers for the song 'Venus,' which were shot by Steven Klein, director of 'Alejandro' and 'Fame.' Of course they are subversive and arresting, from the insect on her face and the cut near her armpit in one to the bat-like pose in another to the tattoos in the other.