Ugh with a side of ugh. Lady Gaga is doing her darnedest to promote unity and acceptance of all lifestyles, including the alternative ones not embraced by the conservative right. Completely ignoring the existence of her revolutionary Born Brave Bus, which offers mobile mental health support to at-risk youth in a tailgating fashion, effectively removing the stigma from seeking help, the Florida Family Association protested her show at the Tacoma Dome in Washington earlier this week. They did so in grand fashion: By sending an airplane that flew a banner reading "Not Born This Way" to the show.

According to the News Tribune, the group paid $1,900 to fly its message of non-acceptance from 1PM until sundown. They are seeking donations to have their banner follow other stops on the tour. There appears to be a plane hired for one of her Texas shows as well.

The group posted its disapproval of Gaga's message, which is essentially "rejoice and love yourself to day, cuz baby, you were born this way," on its website.

How would you feel if your child or grandchild went to a concert where unbeknownst to you they were convinced to embrace a homosexual or transgender lifestyle for a lifetime?

What a way to put a negative spin on a positive message. Gaga expresses love for all types of people from all walks of life. She is accepting people for who they are, as opposed to trying to convert them into something they are not.

See the banner here.

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