In her new MTV special 'Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside,' Lady Gaga goes deep on topics like her surprisingly traditional roots and love for theater, the former of which might appear at odds with her outrageous, over-the-top image. But strip it down and Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is really an old-fashioned Italian girl at heart, as she sits there with her blond bob and black bangs, extravagant eyeliner and a black dot on her face.

In one portion of the in-depth look at the life of the shock pop diva, Gaga speaks about her beliefs that her late Aunt Joanne, who was her father's sister, lives vicariously through her. "I never knew her and she died when my dad was young, so she was an enigmatic figure in my life," Gaga admits. "She was a person who died and meant so much to my dad's family and I felt connected to her because she was into poetry and crocheting." Gaga also theorizes that her dad was so strict and protective of her and sister because of losing his sister so young.

Gaga even printed some of Aunt Joanne's poetry in her first album as a surprise to her dad, saying, "She never got to be a published author, so she is now." Gaga also muses that her tireless energy (and really, her schedule would crush a mere mortal) comes from having two hearts, one of which may be Aunt Joanne's. "Maybe when my mom gave birth to me, she passed along the spirit of my dad's sister. I'm Italian, so I really believe in things like that, ghosts and bad luck," she said.

The 'Born This Way' also reflects on her love of theater. Gaga shares that she wasn't cast in certain roles even though she could sing because she was a brunette, which she remedied on the quick. She says, "So, eventually, I bought a wig." Gaga's wigs are a huge part of her persona, so purchasing that first hair piece was a crucial step.

Gaga confesses that "I don't know where my affinity for music comes from but it is the the thing that comes easiest to me." She tells the story of her childhood piano teacher who had long, dagger-like nails similar to the ones Gaga currently sports. The teacher told Gaga that "one day she would understand" why she wore her nails so long and Gaga eventually discovered the teacher was also a stripper. She recalls learning to play scales with strings tied to her wrists and a Pink Panther toy balanced by its neck on the strings so it would dangle based on her moves.

Overall, though, no matter what critics or detractors may say, Gaga knows her place in the pop music world. "I may not have been a natural dancer, but I am a natural musician. That's what I believe I am the greatest at," she says.

Millions of little monsters agree.

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