Lady Gaga is usually an open book, sharing everything with her little monsters via Twitter, but when it comes to the 'You & I' single and video, she has zipped up a little and has been coy and vague about details. Perhaps she just wants to ramp up excitement for the clip? She tweeted a mysterious message and photo which are likely in reference to the shrouded-in-mystery 'You & I' video, which was shot in Nebraska.

The tweet read as follows: "Love is a Result. We bare an Unbearable Human Inability: to just 'be.'"

Gaga has spoken about how she cannot shut off her fame, so that complicated, head-scratcher sentence could be a reference to that fact of her life. Or it could be about the 'You & I' lyrics, where Gaga declares "This time / I'm not leaving without you" to someone she loves. (The song is so open-ended lyrically, that it can also be shaped into a love song for one's place of origin, as well!)

The photo is presumably of Gaga, wearing a white dress, seated at a piano. It has been revealed that Gaga plays a piano in a cornfield in Nebraska for the video, so this TwitPic is likely a still from the video. The piano cuts an intimidating figure, looming over Gaga's petite frame. But since the song is so piano-driven, it's fitting to have such a massive instrument as part of the clip.

The form-fitting, simple white sheath hugs her body, and it looks like she might be barefoot. But then again, the shoes could be obscured in this shot, because we have never seen Gaga without her heels; there is a lyric in 'You & I' about being in the corner of a bar "with your high heels on," to boot. Pun intended. Gaga barefoot? That would make her a mere mortal.

Oh Gaga, you keep us guessing at every turn.

The premiere date for 'You & I' has not yet been confirmed.