Lady Gaga has taken to Twitter -- as is customary for the plugged in singer -- to send well wishes to saxophonist Clarence Clemons, who performed on a handful of tracks on 'Born This Way,' including 'The Edge of Glory.' Clemons, who is a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, suffered a stroke over the weekend and is now "responsive and in stable condition" after a pair of brain surgeries.

Gaga's heartfelt tweet read as follows: "Little monsters, my very close friend + musician on 'The Edge of Glory' Clarence Clemons is very sick," she wrote. "Can we all make some get-well videos?"

Things are looking on the upside for Clemons, per a few Clemons-related web sites. "Yesterday, it did not look good at all. Today ... Miracles are happening. His vital signs are improving. He's responsive. His eyes are welling up when we're talking to him. He was paralyzed on his left side, but now he's squeezing with his left hand." The next spate of days are critical.

Fernando Garibay, a producer of 'The Edge of Glory,' spoke to MTV about Gaga's wish to have Clemons on the song, which is her paean to her late grandfather. He said, "She wanted a sax part, so he came in and played on 'Edge of Glory,' and what a moment that was to have her family there when the sax was being played on the track and it was all really magical."

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