The summer issue of V Magazine doubles as its 'Asia Issue,' which lands on newsstands today, and features the ubiquitous Lady Gaga on the cover.

While Gaga isn't Asian, she is a repeat cover star for the magazine and is styled in a fashion-forward way on the cover and in the accompanying spread.

The cover features the Mother Monster with three heads. Gaga has once again transmogrified into an otherworldly creature and the results are nothing if not stunning. One of the faces is wearing a peacock style mask and magenta lipstick. The other face is slathered with an array of gold hardware, all of which are attached to her face. She even sports a faux septum piercing. The center face is the most tame, with Gaga's face looking like that of a porcelain doll.

While Gaga's recent use of prosthetic shoulder pads and cheekbones made us realize that there is no limit to how far she will go to alter her appearance, the V shots are tastefully artful, even though Gaga isn't Asian! Many media outlets have criticized the magazine's decision to focus editorial on Asian models while putting a Caucasian on the cover for this issue. Perhaps the magazine is celebrating Gaga's limitless, boundary-free style, which is very Asian in its inspiration.

This issue also marks Gaga's first column for the high fashion magazine. Elton John also interviewed the pop star for her feature titled 'Memoirs of a Gaga.' Gaga told Sir Elton about what looks catch her eye and are ultimately incorporated into her attire, revealing that "I’m mostly inspired by shapes, and using the body to create iconography. Leather culture and high-street punk fashion. I would say perfecto jackets occupy most of my fashion thoughts."

Gaga's mantra is that "there are no rules" when it comes to her wardrobe and that she loves to mix couture with custom-created designs. "We were laughing on the set of the 'Judas' video," Gaga said. "We had 50 racks of couture and I wore leather, Motorhead panties made of a vintage T-shirt, custom from young designers who are my friends, my own creations, and archive Christian Lacroix from a museum." Only Gaga could make leather and Motorhead panties work with vintage couture.


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