There are many reasons to wear veils. Nuns wear them. Brides wear them. Funeral attendees wear them. So do fashionistas with an eye for unusual accessories, like Lady Gaga. The Mother Monster, who celebrates her 26th birthday today (March 28), offered a tweet earlier this week explaining why she chooses to wear veils as part of her unique ensembles. It turns out they serve a purpose.

She posted: "People ask me why I wear veils. I reply, I'm mourning. Mourning what? Well I figure something s---ty must be going on somewhere."

That simple tweet got picked up in the press, but it seems that many failed to recognize that Gaga's tongue seems to be planted firmly in her cheek with her comment. While she is certainly quite the philanthropist and human crusader who has taken it upon herself to try and stamp out bullying -- to provide support to the embattled youth of today and to attempt to solve much of society's problems via her Born This Way Foundation -- her signature sarcasm leaps out of that tweet to clamp down on you with its bite.

Gaga wears veils because she is a consummate fashion plate and risk taker. That's our take on the headgear that she sometimes elects to sport.