Lady Gaga has become an international superstar thanks to her electro-driven pop songs, so a lot of people's jaws dropped in disbelief when they found out she recorded a rap song entitled 'Cake.' At first, we didn't even know if it was a real Gaga song, but now that she's has released an official teaser to promote the track, it's obviously the real deal.

We haven't heard the finish product yet, but we've already heard a demo of 'Cake,' and this 15-second clip also sheds some more light on our eardrums.

The song, which could appear on her upcoming album 'ARTPOP,' was supposedly produced by DJ White Shadow -- at least the version that surfaced a few weeks ago had some assistance from the turntable master. So, it's definitely got a lot of the synth sounds we're used to hearing from Gaga, but to hear her rap is really something else. Who knew she could still surprise us?

In the teaser Gaga dropped yesterday, Nov. 14, we can hear her rapping in monotone vocals, "Ask anybody I'm rich / Homie I got plenty." In the version that surfaced a while ago on Soundcloud, we also got a taste of the repetitive chorus: "Cake like Lady Gaga / Cake like Lady Gaga."

We want to know how you feel about Lady Gaga's 'Cake' song and how you feel about her venturing into rap as a whole. Check out the teaser clip, listen to the demo, and sound off on the tune by casting your vote below.

Watch a Teaser Clip for Lady Gaga's 'Cake'

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Cake' (EXPLICIT)