Lady Gaga made her directorial debut with 'Marry the Night' last year, and the mini-film was met with generally positive reviews for its quirky, non-linear narrative and vivid imagery. For her first time behind the camera, the Mother Monster knocked it out of the park. Given her deftness with storytelling and the fact that she is no longer a video virgin, it would stand to reason that the singer will step behind the camera and helm another video down the road.

According to famed director Jonas Akerlund, who lensed the epic clips for early Gaga singles 'Paparazzi' and 'Telephone,' there are no limits to what Gaga can do and he certainly supports her if she chooses to sit in the director's chair again.

"She can probably do anything she wants," Akerlund told MTV News about Gaga's skills as a video helmer. "So that's probably going to be great." Akerlund's resume is pretty expansive, so that's a huge compliment for Ma Mosnter. He's also being a total pro with his comments, by encouraging her instead of suggesting that she use his services instead.

Even if he isn't shooting a clip for her, he will certainly offer any advice that she needs or wants if she does indeed elect to direct again. "Of course. I would never turn her down," he replied when asked if he'd offer counsel to Gaga.

The singer really does inspire support and love from almost everyone she encounters.