You know that saying "Speak of the devil and he doth appear"? Well, if you make a video for one of Lady Gaga's videos, she might share it on Facebook and compliment you on your efforts! Gaga was feeling this video and its choreography. The video features her song 'Hair' and a troupe of teens dancing their butts off for the It Gets Better Project. Plus, it should go viral now that Gaga shared it on Facebook. 

"This is so AMAZING. #HairMusicVideo you guys did such an amazing job for #ItGetsBetter. The Choreo! I died!" Gaga posted.

The dancers are very Britney circa 1998, with their school girl (and boy) uniforms consisting of grey shorts, white button downs and skinny black ties. They are dancing on tables in cafeteria and it's quite 'Glee' in its scope and execution, but there's nothing wrong with that.

There's a backstory mixed in with the dancing about other teens looking up bullying websites and battling bullying in their daily lives, with negative words written on lockers. There's a cute gay couple that shares a kiss and the video, set to what sounds like an extended remix of 'Hair,' does an effective job of portraying what teens struggle with in high school.

Watch the 'Hair' Video