Lady Gaga has been overseas for much of the past few weeks and while the singer was in London, she made a concerted effort to visit the former home of the late Amy Winehouse. Gaga and Winehouse have quite a bit in common, so it makes total sense that Gaga would want to do something like this to show her love for the late singer.

According to The Sun, Gaga went to Winehouse's digs in Camden in order to pay her respects to the 'Rehab' singer, who died of alcohol overconsumption on July 23 at the age of 27. A Gaga source told the paper that the Mother Monster wanted to pay respect to her "former hero." Gaga wisely went incognito and apparently donned a disguise when she made the pilgrimage to singer's home, which is where she died.

It's not like Gaga could go unnoticed in the 10-inch stilettos that she is known to favor,  so that was a wise move on her part to try and be low key and to not to attract attention when engaging in such a somber act.

When Winehouse's death was announced, Gaga was brokenhearted, even saying she was so devastated that she could barely talk for 48 hours. Clearly, fans weren't the only ones affected by the death of a talent like Amy Winehouse.