Yesterday, Lady Gaga released a series of 2011 VMAs promos of her singing a jazzy version of her new single 'You & I.' It was understated, at least by Gaga standards, save for the moment when she, you know, removed her bra while playing the piano.

Following last night's big reveal that she would open the 2011 VMAs show, the Mother Monster issued another promo clip that we've been dying to know about for the last two weeks.  This one is a minute long and is set to the industrially-tinted 'Born This Way' track 'Government Hooker.'

In these intriguing, "party-noir," black and white clips, Gaga writes her name in blood with her dagger nails and those same nails drip blood from their tips a few shots later. At first, she is cloaked in a crisp, white men's shirt and heels that must make her feet hate her, thanks to their improbable height.

The clip moves at a breakneck pace as Gaga cycles through a few costume changes – underwear as outerwear is also donned here -- as she parties hard. A Gaga video, be it a full-length music video or a promotional commercial, requires at least three costume changes, regardless of length. There's blood and fire – it's all in a day's work with Gaga. She dances, she bumps and grinds, and the silhouette of the skeleton from the 'Born This Way' video makes its reprise for a moment.

Let's hope this is a harbinger of what's to come on Aug. 28 when Gaga kicks off the 2011 VMAs in bloody, fiery style. Will she wear a dress made of blood? Of fire? Of water? Of the earth? Tune in to PopCrush to find out.

Watch Lady Gaga 2011 VMAs Promo