With the amazing spectacle of her new 'Applause' video and a history of headline-making appearances, there's no doubt that expectations are high for Lady Gaga's performance on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Gaga herself says she "can't wait" for the world to witness her debut live version of 'Applause,' which she just confirmed will be opening the VMAs this Sunday (Aug. 25). The song is her first single from long-awaited upcoming album 'ARTPOP.'

“It is the most physically challenging performance I've done, ever,” Mother Monster says in a phone interview with KISS FM UK. “And it is so beautiful, it is so indicative of me as an artist, I feel in many ways the big performance is like a giant metaphor for me. We've been planning it for a very long time. I've been rehearsing every single day 'til my feet bleed. I'm so excited, I can't wait."

People are still talking about her 2011 VMAs opener, in which she appeared as her male alter ego Jo Calderone, so have no doubt that Sunday's performance will also be something special to see.

Also during the call (on Aug. 21), Gaga answered a fan's question about a continuation of her epic 'Telephone' video, revealing that a sequel to it "is surely coming."

"I am very excited to be filming it and doing it," Gaga continues. "Working with Jonas Akerlund for 'Paparazzi' as well as the 'Telephone' video was such an incredible experience and to finish this trilogy will be great ... We've already written it, it's gonna be fantastic, I can't wait."

The wide-ranging phone call covered topics including 'ARTPOP' collaborations, Azealia Banks, Gaga's long break from the stage, movie appearances, the iTunes Festival and much more. Hear the entire nine-minute interview above!