First Justin Bieber, now Lady Gaga! What is it with pop stars hurling while performing? The Mother Monster was performing her hit single 'The Edge of Glory' onstage in Barcelona, Spain when she promptly vomited several times. Projectile at a pop show? That's no fun!

Gaga, wearing a teased blonde wig and black underthings, was walking suggestively and seductively on a catwalk (like she does in the video), inching her way towards a hot male dancer when she threw up.

She walked down the steps, bent over, tossed her cookies, thrashed around, spewed again, stood up and hurled again. The dancer never missed a step or a beat, and neither did the Mother Monster.

She vomited several times in this 27-second clip. Poor thing.

We don't what she ate or what caused her to blow chunks, but she continued with her show like a consummate professional. Doing any sort of activity while sick to one's stomach is difficult, so we applaud Gaga for continuing to perform despite being sick.

Now we know what it means to be 'Partynauseous,' which is the title of the collabo she nixed with Kendrick Lamar.

For his part, the Biebs admitted a pre-show meal of milk and spaghetti (!!!) caused him to wretch while performing in Arizona last week.

Memo to pop singers: Stop eating heavy meals before taking the stage. We love you but don't want to see you hurl. Plus, it sets off a chain reaction.