Lady Gaga's devout Little Monsters versus Adam Lambert's ever-loyal Glamberts? This could get interesting!

We've pitted Gaga's epic 'Born This Way' clip against Lambert's dystopian video for 'Never Close Our Eyes' in a fan-voted battle for the best music video. While both of these musical visionaries have undoubtedly produced two incredible music videos, both of these sci-fi visuals have very different vibes to them. So, PopCrush readers, which one gets your vote the better music video?

Gaga's 'Born This Way' follows Mother Monster through a stark yet beautiful alternate universe where people of all races, religions, sexual orientations and ages can live together in peace and happiness. She plays the Mother Monster, or should we say Mother Alien, in the clip, giving birth to a population of wonderfully unique and equal individuals.

Meanwhile, Adam Lambert took a very different approach for his cinematic 'Never Close Our Eyes' clip. Lambert portrays one of many robotic slaves imprisoned by scary masked guards. Lambert and the rest of the prisoners are given pills to take away their individuality, ditching colors for drabby, dirty rags and acting like drones -- however, Lambert breaks through, leading a rebellion towards beautiful originality.

So, who gets your vote for the better music video? Gaga or Lambert? Check out both clips below and cast your vote, once per hour if you so please!

Watch the Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' Video

Watch the Adam Lambert 'Never Close Our Eyes' Video

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