When Lady Gaga recently stepped out in a red leather jumpsuit and matching hat, she reminded us just a little (OK, a whole lot) of one of our favorite childhood cartoon characters: Carmen Sandiego! We have to ask: Who wore it better?

While Lady Gaga has been known to rock ensembles that resemble inanimate objects (see: her dress that totally reminded us of shredded cheese and this wild inflatable star costume), we were immediately getting Carmen Sandiego vibes from her all-red pantsuit. And with that giant scarlet floppy hat and mask covering one of her eyes, we're gonna go ahead and guess that Gaga was totally channeling the cartoon spy on purpose. In any case, she looked red-hot doing so!

Of course, international cartoon spy Carmen Sandiego gets props for donning the elusive ensemble first. Wherever in the world Carmen Sandiego is, we know she'll be bringin' it in that spicy red trench coat and matching hat. Come to think about it, for a woman who continually donned such a bold and bright ensemble, she sure was mysterious and difficult to track down. The red was definitely working for her!

Whose all-red ensemble do you like more? Cast your vote for Lady Gaga or Carmen Sandiego in the poll below!

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