Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are facing off for the title of Hottest Star of 2013! In this fan-voted competition, eight female will go head-to-head in duels, as will eight males, in order to crown the Hottest Star of 2013. So, who gets your vote in this versus battle? Gaga or Katy?

When it comes to being hot, Mother Monster scorches. Lady Gaga oozes confidence and sex appeal, showing off her "born this way" bod at every opportunity. Whether the 'ARTPOP' hit maker is posing naked on the cover of V Magazine, or stripping down during a live show, Lady Gaga's hotness is almost too much for her Little Monsters to handle.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry has been on fire this year! (And setting things on fire, in the case of her iconic blue wig.) The singer definitely knows how to be provocative -- after all, this is the woman with a bustier that shoots whipped cream! However, Katy's adopted a more stripped down, natural look in preparation for her upcoming album, 'Prism,' and we have to admit she's just as hot when she tones down the glam.

So, who gets your vote for the Hottest Star of 2013 in Round 1? Do you go googoo for Gaga's beauty, or do you think Katy is the most sizzlin' songstress? You can vote up to once per hour below until this poll closes on Tuesday, Aug. 30, at 2PM ET.