When it comes to walking the red carpet, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry know how to grin and bare it -- literally! Both pop stars have graced awards shows while wearing intense grills. Each star's mouthpiece reflects her unique personal style. Whose grills do you like better?

Hands down, Lady Gaga is a trendsetter. Mother Monster never bores on the red carpet, even if it means donning some slightly creepy faux chompers! While many singers stud their grills with diamonds, Gaga's look like fake teeth. The look is straight-up drama, but what else would we expect from a woman who once slaughtered multiple Kermit the Frogs for a dress?

Katy Perry chose a more glam route for her grills. Just in case she didn't have enough going on with an animal print dress covered in gold insects, the 'Roar' singer added a flashy mouthpiece! She opted to only cover her upper row of teeth with the grills, which sparkle as much as her personality.

Whose grills do you like more? Vote in the poll below!