Going fresh-faced isn't usually an option for most famous folks, but certain women in pop music aren't afraid to bare their natural faces sans makeup. Such is the case with Lady Gaga and Rihanna, who have zero qualms about sharing photos of themselves without makeup all over the Internet. While both of these ladies are equally gorgeous in their own ways without their lipstick and mascara, who do you think looks best without makeup?

Lady Gaga shared this photo of herself on her official social media site, Littlemonsters.com, and she looks mighty fine without all of her usual makeup. Her perfectly plucked eyebrows are striking, and her pouty lips are beautiful without a speck of artificial color. We also love her come hither stare and turban... the whole shot is natural, sexy and very rock 'n' roll with her denim head adornment and shirt.

Meanwhile, Rihanna also shares pictures of herself sans makeup on the Web. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of RiRi without her usual black or ruby red lipstick and sky-high lashes, and she looks every bit as beautiful without all of these cosmetic additions. Her lashes are naturally dark, and her big beautiful hazel eyes are captivating all by themselves. And like Gaga, RiRi's got a kissable set of lips with or without any gloss.

So, who gets your vote for the best makeup free face? It's a tough decision, given that both women are knockouts, but you can cast your vote once per hour below!

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