Make way for the cannabis queens! It was one of those "great minds think alike" moments for stoner songstresses Lady Gaga and Rihanna, as both of the women dressed up in marijuana-inspired garb for 2012 Halloween festivities. Both of the weed outfits are very different, but which singer earns your vote for the greatest Halloween ganja goddess?

While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Gaga and Rihanna's marijuana-inspired costume choices, given that they're paying homage to an illegal substance, both ladies are big tokers and don't seem to care who knows it. Maybe it's for stress, maybe it's for inspiration, and maybe it's just for fun, but sheesh -- give it up already! There are tons of famous musicians who smoke on the daily, and it's a personal choice that no amount of bad press or outside opinion can change. So why not embrace their kooky costumes and have them duke it out in a 'Who Wore It Best' challenge.

But remember, marijuana is still ILLEGAL (save for medicinal users) and is capable of causing bodily harm -- we're only talking about Gaga and Rihanna here, who are both grown women fully capable of making their own decisions. And it's a Halloween costume. Everyone needs to lighten up.

Gaga undoubtedly turned heads with her booby-free look, going as a "Marijuana Mermaid" with sparkly green starfish pasties and a tulle skirt. She wore a crown with marijuana-shaped leaves around it, as well as a long green wig with more weed-inspired details. Rihanna, on the other hand, dressed up as a straight-up cannabis plant, except she converted the bushy look into a flattering dress with a leafy train and paired it with a green veil.

Which marijuana hit maker would you crown the cannabis queen of Halloween?

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