PopCrushers, we have a new Pop Clash champ! Last round, Lady Gaga ousted 5 Seconds of Summer to take over the title. This week, 'G.U.Y.' faces off against Shakira's 'Empire.' Who do you think should win this week's matchup?

Lady Gaga's 'G.U.Y.' is as bold and confident as the singer herself. (After all, the acronym does stand for "Girl Under You.") We love that Gaga is bringing it in this track -- her vocals, melodies and penchant for epicness are all on point. Admit it, you've caught yourself chanting the catchy chorus.

Fellow superstar Shakira is also bringing it in a big way. The anthemic 'Empire' lives up to its powerful title. Shak tackles some major themes in this track. (Literally -- she sings about the stars and the universe!) There's some amazing energy packed into the song, making it another hit for Shakira.

Which song should win this week's Pop Clash? You can vote once an hour until the polls at 3PM ET on April 14.

Watch Lady Gaga, 'G.U.Y.'

Watch Shakira, 'Empire'