Leather and gold-plated wheelchair be damned. Same for that Louis Vuitton logo'ed mode of transport. Lady Gaga is back on her feet! The singer was spotted walking around the East Village in NYC on April 2.

We'll know Gaga is back in 100 percent Gagafied form when she's prancing around on eight inch platforms again!

Gaga looked low-key -- dare we say "demure?" -- in a black fur shrug, black pants and kitten heels while walking in her hometown and surveying her former stomping grounds when she was an up and comer doing burlesque-type shows with Lady Starlight. That bag she carried looked like an Hermes, which is no joke when it comes to price tags. Those things are equal to the GNP of some small countries.

Ma Monster was rocking chocolate brown locks and looked incredibly young.

We're glad that she is able to walk again and isn't solely relying on a set of wheels to get around. Her hip injury was serious, but she appears to be making a terrific recovery.

We'll feel better when she is teetering on platforms and dancing her face off on a stage. All in due time, though.

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