Lady Gaga has been seen wheeling her way around Chicago while she prepares for hip surgery to correct a tear that caused her to cancel the remainder of her Born This Way Ball tour. She has even given the chair that's helping her get around a name…

…and it's Emma.

She shared the photo of Emma's big wheel. At least she is trying to approach a painful situation, both physically, emotionally and financially, with a sense of playfulness.

Some critics have taken to suggesting that Gaga's tour was canceled not because of her injury but due to poor ticket sales. There has been a huge debate about it online, mostly between little monsters and those who claim that Gaga is given special treatment by the mainstream media, which is spinning her tour's failure as something else. We doubt that it was canceled due to ticket sales, since she and Live Nation would stand to lose more by axing it outright than by creating promotions and discounting tickets in order to pack the houses.

Live reviews indicate that the venues did look packed to the rafters prior to the cancelation. Attendees echo those sentiments. So argue amongst yourselves, monsters and non-monsters, as to who is right.

We'll hope Gaga gets better on the quick so she can resume performing on stage where she belongs.

We're sure some haters will say she is "milking it" by being seen in her wheelchair and by naming it.

So go ahead and hate.

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