Poor Lady Gaga. She has resurfaced a few days after her Born This Way Ball tour was canceled due to the fact that she requires surgery to correct a crippling hip problem, which means a steady diet of recovery and rest so she can return to full strength. She has remained largely quiet on Twitter, but she was seen being wheeled around.

A fan shared a photo of Mama Monster confined to a wheelchair, since she is in so much pain! A tweeted image of Gaga at a Starbucks in Chicago on Friday, Feb 15 has made the rounds on the web.

Gaga Daily says a monster was tweeting about seeing Gaga while she was getting her caffeine fix. Apparently, Gaga said she has not yet had surgery but will in four or five days.

Gaga is also supposedly staying with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney at his crib in the Windy City.

We know that the singer is in bad shape, since she would never cancel a tour and disappoint her fans unless absolutely necessary. She is probably in more pain over the fact that she isn't performing right now than she is from her hip injury. We'd go as far as to say that she is more bummed about not seeing her monsters and their faces in the crowd than she is about the financial hit she is taking due to shutting down the tour and her activity.

Gaga lives by a the "monsters first" credo, and her numero uno responsibility is performing for them and entertaining them. So this has to suck for her. We hope that her surgery goes off without a hitch and that her recovery is speedy and complete.

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