1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. had a special guest today (Dec. 6) in the form of Lady Gaga. The Mother Monster traveled to the nation's capital to meet with officials in the public engagement office to discuss a cause that is near and dear to her kind heart: the epidemic of bullying.

Gaga made good on her promise to take this issue to the top! While she is not meeting President Obama himself, as he is in Kansas, she is making waves and attempting to make a difference. Gaga does not hide the fact that she is enamored by the art of fame and it's touching when she uses it for good in instances such as this.

A senior White House official told CBS News that Gaga was on site "to talk about the important issue of bullying." PopCrush can't wait to see what she wore to the meeting. She probably wore something demure -- by Gaga standards, mind you -- with neck snapping heels. We can just hear her heels clacking on the White House's polished floors.

More details about Gaga's visit will be revealed later today. The White House has stepped up and addressed bullying, pinpointing the issue of cyber bullying and attacks on the LGBTQ community, which Gaga fiercely adores, as it makes up a good portion of her fanbase.