Perhaps Lady Gaga should skip the dinner dates in favor of a gym date? We kid, we kid! Gaga looks fab! But she did trade in her parents' NYC eatery to dine with Julian Assange in London.

The Australian founder of WikiLeaks was arrested in August of 2010 and has since been staying in London while awaiting extradition to Sweden. However, Assange felt enough was enough and decided to move to the Ecuadorian embassy to seek help. Because he broke the rules, he was granted diplomatic asylum -- but fear not, because Gaga was there to make it all better.

While she may not have an authority to bend or change the rules, Gaga's showing up to support  him and dine with him certainly gave him a boost in morale. And it wasn't a quick visit: she stayed an incredible five hours and even posted a picture on her site

According to W.E.N.N, "Assange fears that if he returns to Sweden to answer the charges against him it would lead to his extradition to the U.S., where he is wanted for questioning over his whistleblowing website."

In other Lady Gaga news, the songstress is hard at work on her third studio album, 'ARTPOP.' Her co-manager recently spoke about her latest project, saying it is shaping up to be a "great, great" album.

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