Lady Gaga isn't playing any love games with Lady Goo Goo. E! Online reports that the pop star won an injunction against an English company that created a cartoon spoof of the singer.

Moshi Monsters and its parent company, Mind Candy, created Lady Goo Goo, a cartoon infant version of Lady Gaga, and subsequently released child-friendly versions of Gaga's hits. One track, 'The Moshi Dance' (based on Gaga's monster hit, 'Bad Romance') grew so popular that it was going to be released on iTunes -- which is where the problems began.

London's High Court ruled that 'The Moshi Dance' could cause "consumer confusion" and prohibited the song from ever being released in any form. Further, Mind Candy is now blocked from using anything related to the Lady Goo Goo character (with the exception of her appearance in a Moshi Monsters game, but that would still be without her trademark tunes).

Considering that Gaga gave her blessing (albeit a delayed one) to Weird Al Yankovic to spoof 'Born This Way,' it's a little surprising that she has such an issue with what's essentially just a goofy, child-friendly version of 'Bad Romance.' Unlike her lawsuit against a Nevada cosmetics company that explicitly tried using her name to sell lipstick, her motives for this injunction seem purely financial.  The tracks are obviously different, so chances are slim that Gaga's little monsters would genuinely be baffled by Lady Goo Goo.

While it wouldn't have hurt Mind Candy to run the idea by her first, Lady Goo Goo doesn't look like a huge threat to Mother Monster's image. If Madonna didn't mind 'Born This Way' sounding somewhat similar to 'Express Yourself,' Gaga may want to take another page from Madge's book and simply enjoy the flattery.

Listen to the 'The Moshi Dance'