Lady Gaga is living the luxe life, despite the studio version of her aptly titled song 'Glitter & Grease' leaking over the weekend. The Mother Monster and her friends, namely boyfriend Taylor Kinney, went sightseeing in Sydney, Australia while on the Born This Way Ball tour, and they did so on a swanky white yacht. Gaga's outfit for the day was summery and perfectly matched her sailing vessel. That was probably planned.

Wearing white leggings, an off-the-shoulder sweater (showing off her tattoos), towering white platform booties and crisp, clean shades, Gaga was a vision, flanked by her bearded beau. He is the antithesis of the always-in-heels Gaga. He is dressed down, regular dude style, and that makes him a perfect compliment to the fashionista he is dating.

Gaga had to be helped aboard the boat since her heels were so high – and really, when aren't they? There was a gap between the boat and the dock, which could have been slippery or dangerous to navigate in flip flops or boat shoes, to say nothing of when you're wearing neckbreaker heels.

There are a few images of Gaga and Kinney kissing, cuddling and canoodling. She's snuggling up to him like a woman in love. And on a yacht, of all places.

It's good to be Gaga.

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