Despite being the first artist of the digital age to rack up a billion views on YouTube, Lady Gaga is not bulletproof from copyright infringement issues when it comes to providing content to her page and the site.

Today, her YouTube account was suspended, with this "eviction notice" of sorts posted to those who came to visit to take in some Gaga's videos: "This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy."

Time Out Tokyo
reports that footage posted from her performance on 'SMAPxSMAP' on the Fuji TV network caused the shutdown. Apparently, when Gaga performed a trio of her songs, SMAP, a Japanese boy band, served as back up singers and danced on stage along with Gaga. However, she failed to secure the rights required to display this performance on her YouTube channel.

Translation: It's minor legal hot water and red tape over rights and was probably totally unintended by whomever in her camp posted the footage on Gaga's behalf. We hope that the rights problems get ironed out the performance returns online, since Gaga did some cute things, like swap out words from 'You & I' to reflect local Japanese culture.

Moreover, little monsters are probably going crazy and are in withdrawal without their daily dose of visual Gaga.

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