Lady Gaga's morning radio tour continued as she popped by Elvis Duran's show on Z100 this morning in New York City. Gaga tackled a myriad of topics, from her lack of a driver's license to her meat dress (and fan renditions of said frock) to her finances.

She was sheathed in a noisy, black plastic dress -- no doubt uncomfortable in the recent heat wave that has swept the Big Apple -- and her eye brows were dramatically shaped and black. Her hair was a two-tone mix of black and blond and she wore a lace veil over her face, with a hole cut out for her mouth. For a second, it looked like Gaga was rocking a five o'clock shadow with the veil over her face. It was typically fashion-forward Gaga and nothing, not even stifling NYC heat, can prevent Gaga from looking her black-clad best.

Here are some of Gaga's key quips from the interview:

On driving: "I was given a car as a gift, but I don’t have a license. I don't drive. I am not sure I should be given a license."

On her finances:
"I spend no money. The only thing I spend money on is the show. I didn’t get into this business for the money. I’m really, really so happy making music."

On gay marriage in New York:
"What's so important about this being passed is there are real families [who] will now feel that the government recognizes the value of their family the way every family is recognized … It sends a message that we’re becoming modern."

On her reaction to hearing 'The Edge of Glory' on Z100: "I cried every time I heard it … It's about my grandfather, this is my home station."

On whether or not she is anxious as the whole world watches her every move:
"No, I am having a good time."

On the meat dress: "My fans make punk rock renditions of the meat dress, with tye dye."

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