Lady Gaga's family dog Alice has died. Gaga, who is across the pond in London currently, tweeted about the loss, revealing that the pooch had cancer and that her father Joe Germanotta is devastated. Aw, boo!

Gaga expressed her sadness at the loss of Alice with a couple of posts on Twitter.

The dog was clearly an integral part of the Germanotta family, a situation that is not uncommon, since most people adore their dogs and pets, and consider them close members of the family.

Below are Gaga's tweets, which are dipped in sadness. You can feel her pain in the digital transmission.

Gaga also shared her personal memories of Alice. Aw, so sweet.

We know that mourning a pooch or a pet is tough stuff -- just ask Miley Cyrus-- so we send our love and thoughts out to Gaga and Papa G, as well as Mama G Cynthia and Gaga's baby sis Natali over their loss.