Lady Gaga appears to have a bit of an obsession with the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson. Last year, she plunked down some serious coin on 55 items at an auction, promising to archive and care for the pieces of clothing that once belonged to Jackson. Now she wants to take her adoration of Jackson further by helping restore his famed Neverland Ranch, located in California.

Jackson infamously purchased the 3,000-acre property in 1988. It included a petting zoo and a fairground on site. When he ran into some money problems, the ranch began to fall apart and deteriorate. It was eventually sold to an investment group, along with its $23 million mortgage, in 2008. But the singer's mother Katherine and his three children still maintain a stake in the property.

"Lady Gaga is obsessed with Michael. She's become good friends with his sister La Toya and would love more than anything else to restore Neverland to its original state," a source told The Sun about Mother Monster's interest in the ranch. But it's not simply because she is all about Jackson. She would be doing a huge favor for his kids.

The source continued, "His kids are all desperate to hold on to their childhood home so they can decide what they want to do with it properly when they've grown up."

The insider also said, "Gaga would love to help with the financial costs by buying a share."

A cash infusion courtesy of Gaga could help the property, both cosmetically and emotionally. The Jackson children could eventually buy back the property when their trusts are activated when they become older. If Gaga owned a share, the scales could tip in Prince, Paris and Blanket's favor.

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