Lady Gaga's final 'Born This Way' single, 'Marry the Night' was used effectively and beautifully by 'The Hillywood Show' and their parody of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn.' The lyrics have been changed to "I'm gonna marry Edward" as opposed to exchanging vows with the night. But that's not all! The creativity in this clip extends beyond.
This version of Bella, along with her bridesmaids, engages in what we think would be Gaga-approved choreography during the forest nuptials. If Eddie Cullen wasn't already in love with Bella Swan, her dance routine would do the trick to ensnare the pasty-faced bloodsucker. Gaga would no doubt adore this "choreo," as she calls it, and how her song was aligned with the hottest teen romance of the modern day.

Edward Cullen gets in on the musical action, singing Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything.' All the drama of this vampy franchise, including a Jacob who resembles Taylor Lautner, is encapsulated in this thoroughly musical clip.

Watch 'The Hillywood Show' Parody of 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Feat. 'Marry the Night'