Being on the road is a tough life. That's why pop stars demand specific comforts, such as familiar items, articles of clothing or their favorite foods for their dressing rooms via their tour riders.

Lady Gaga's tour rider from the Monster Ball has leaked as part of her legal battle with her former personal assistant, who she claims was her good friend. There were some eyebrow-raising requests among typical things like tea and crackers.

Celebuzz has posted the papers, where Gaga was very specific about décor. Glam rock fashion was important to her, which included couches constructed of white leather, fresh roses, black satin drapes and more. She requested old rock posters from her favorite acts like David Bowie and Elton John. She also requested that Fan art collected while on the road be displayed.

But the most outrageous and ridiculous item she asked for? A mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair, although the request was misspelled in the document as "manquin with puffy pink public hair." Someone in charge of the doc forgot to use spell-check.

Remember, Gaga wore a turquoise merkin to match her locks at the 2011 Much Music Awards, so we're not exactly shocked where we have to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Lavender towels and body wash were requested. Clearly, she likes the color and the calming scent.

There were a lot of specific food requests, but those are sorta boring when you consider that décor was so critical for her. Perhaps she channeled some sort of energy from the rock 'n' roll décor or the images of icons she adores. Of course, the little monster fan art is something that certainly acts as a source of strength and renewable inspiration for her.

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