Lady Gaga shared snippets of the jazzy, horn-heavy rendition of her third 'Born This Way' single 'You & I' last year as part of the promos for her appearance at the 2011 VMAs. The full version of the song, which is quite a torchy and loungey throwback that sounds like it was written to be performed at a smoky hole-in-the-wall in Europe, is now available for your listening pleasure.

Gaga even joked, via Twitter, that the song was the result of one too many alcoholic beverages.

The song has a malleable melody that allows it to be translated into a jazz version with lots of trumpets. Perhaps all that time Gaga spent with jazz crooner Tony Bennett (covering songs, letting him sketch her in the buff) got under her creative skin and influenced this version.

Gaga even shouts out MTV in the lyrics right before the second time she sings the chorus. Could this version be a taste of the direction she may go in on 'ARTPOP'? We just don't know with her, and that's why we love her.

PopCrushers, tell us what you think about the jazztastic version of 'You & I.' Do you love it? Is it too much? Too weird? A clever and creative companion to the poppy original?

Listen to the Jazz Version of Lady Gaga, 'You & I'