Two acts were eliminated on 'X Factor' tonight. What a way to start off the Thanksgiving holiday, right? The act with the lowest amount of votes was automatically sent home, while the other two lowest ranked acts had to perform for their lives.

Lakoda Rayne got the lowest amount of votes overall due to their Taylor Swift cover and the lovely ladies were sent on their way. Their elimination also meant that mentor Paula Abdul is done, as all of her acts have been axed. The girls were not crying or sad when they learned their fate, since they declared that they know this is not the end of the road. "The dream is not over. You'll be seeing Lakoda Rayne in concert everywhere," the girls said. We don't doubt it, ladies.

The other two acts with the lowest tally of votes were Marcus Canty of the Boys group and Leroy Bell of the Over '30s, so both had to sing for survival. Beforehand, Canty said that he wasn't used to being "down here" while Bell admitted he was scared.

Canty performed Christina Aguilera's ballad 'You Lost Me' for his save and despite a sluggish opening where the music overpowered his voice, Canty broke through in the chorus, turning in an emotionally moving performance. It was evidence that Canty can sing all genres and styles. But we will admit it was not his best work by a mile. We didn't think last night's performance was poor enough to send him to the basement of the voting, either.

Bell sang The Beatles 'Don't Let Me Down' and it was another quality choice where his throaty vocals left a mark. His voice had power and range, and he definitely turned in the better survival performance.

When it came down to the judges voting, L.A. Reid said "Marcus Canty has delivered time and time and time again. When we're talking about who could be a massive star, we're talking about Marcus Canty." Reid obviously voted for his charge, and Nicole Scherzinger voted for hers, which was Bell. Abdul felt that that Bell's save performance was stronger, so she axed Canty. Once again, it was up to Simon Cowell to break the tie. He chose to wuss out. Simon's getting soft in his old age.

"I think in the competition, Marcus, you nudge ahead of Leroy, but Leroy you did sing better tonight. I am going to let the public decide, so I am sending home Leroy." It's a shame, since Bell's performance last night was one of his best.

With the judges deadlocked, whoever got the lowest votes would get the boot, and that was Leroy Bell. He was gracious in defeat. Leroy Bell taught us that talent cannot be confined by age.