This week contestants on 'X Factor' are supposed to sing songs that give thanks to people who are important in their lives. After a very touching intro with each girl in Lakoda Rayne praising a separate family member, the performance starts and the girls begin to sing ... Wait for it ... Taylor Swift's 2009 smash hit 'You Belong with Me.' Yes, the song about unrequited love. Confused yet? Join the club.

The girls' vocals sounded as though their voices were fighting with each other, not complimenting each other, like, you know, a group of voices should be. We've said this once and we'll say it again, these four girls came in as solo acts and they should have left as solo acts as well. You just can't force chemistry!

Cowell hit the nail on the head saying the vocals weren't the best, but the girls sang a song that sounds like the records they should be making. The other three judges actually praised the performance, with Nicole Scherzinger saying she loved the song choice. Huh? Wasn't Astro criticized last week for not performing a rock song? Maybe he was right about the conspiracy...

With all the other stellar performances tonight, Paula Abdul's remaining group, Lakoda Rayne may be dead where they stand in this competition.

Watch Lakoda Rayne Perform 'You Belong With Me' on 'X Factor'