A transgender porn star named Madison Montag claims she encouraged Lamar Odom to visit Nevada's Love Ranch South brothel -- where the two-time NBA champion suffered an overdose that landed him an extensive stay at a Los Angeles hospital — and she wants the Kardashians to know that she’s sorry.

According to her interview with In Touch, Montag sent Odom a message saying, "Call the ranch and tell them you need a car to come pick you up and give them an address. My manager said she would personally pick you up in an unmarked car back to a closed-off room so no one will see you or know you’re here. Your discretion is respected.”

The site reports they have phone records proving Odom called Montag around 4:50 AM on Oct 10. Montag continued, “I was like, ‘What time does daddy want this?’ and that’s when he made the call to the ranch and got the [chauffeured] car immediately [that same day]...Lamar made it clear that he wanted to get with me at the Love Ranch.”

But Madison says the rest of the exchange didn’t go as planned. Upon arrival, Odom was reportedly met with a lineup of different women at the ranch. She said, “When we walked into the room, I got a very weird vibe. [Lamar] was looking down like he was ashamed. He looked very uncomfortable. I wasn’t picked.”

Madison continued, “I think Lamar felt he would be judged if he picked me initially because he is a high-profile person due to the Kardashians and his career. The other girls would have judged him and looked down on him, and he didn’t want that.”

She went on to claim that Odom's overdose could've been avoided had he spent the night with her: "If the night had gone according to plan, none of this would have happened. Everything could have been avoided. He would have been safe...I felt a little bit responsible because I did invite [Lamar] there, but I’m not responsible for what happened because I was not with him. I did not partake in any of the drugs with the other girls."

Madison has since written a letter to the Kardashians, apologizing for her part in Odom’s drug overdose. Read the full text (via In Touch) below.

Since the night Lamar almost passed I have thought about writing to your family every day to express how sorry I am about the pain Lamar and your family have endured since the night of his overdose. I worried non-stop about Khloe. I felt responsible for what happened because it was me who Lamar came to spend the night with at the Love Ranch. We communicated over social media and I assured Lamar that he was safe and that our experience together would be discreet. Obviously that was not what occurred. If things had gone accordingly Lamar would have been well taken care of and I would never have provided Lamar drugs. In the end, I want to make it clear that while I had nothing to do with Lamar’s overdose, I am deeply saddened for that unfortunate night. My thoughts and prayers are with Lamar and your family.

Odom was found unconscious at the Nevada brothel on October 13, and currently remains in the hospital. Reports of his current condition are mixed.